A new way to deliver mental health therapy to children and young people

Healios asked for our help to design a new service to deliver cognitive behavioural therapy to children and young people aged 11-17yrs. It needed to be digital, something they could relate to and importantly, look forward to using.

Our approach

We worked with the Healios clinical team and groups of school children from ages 11-17 to co-create a new product. Together, we developed the brand and tone of voice, moving from 8 concepts down to a winning identity.

In parallel, we worked with the clinical content team to design the app information architecture and how that worked as a user experience to ensure it fit seamlessly into their lives.

The outcome

A successfully tested brand concept, style guide and future insights for a successful launch. Within 5 months, the pilot product was successfully launched to approx. 5,000 children and young people across Europe. Progress and iteration is being managed by the awesome folks at Healios.

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