Launching the future of connected vehicles // CES

We collaborated with BlackBerry, AWS and a host of support partners to define, design and build two memorable experiences to support the global launch of BlackBerry IVY - the future of connected vehicles.

The primary experience takes the form of a car journey. The story of a family's day trip to the beach in their EV. The power and versatility of the BlackBerry IVY technology are brought to life for CES delegates in a tangible and inspiring way.

As the experience progresses individual use cases are revealed via an in-car application: EV Range Expert.

A point of real importance for the BlackBerry product team was to promote to the audience that the BlackBerry IVY CES demo was a genuine product, processing real-world insights and data.

“The team at Active Matter quickly grasped the complexity, ambition and opportunity BlackBerry IVY presents for us as a business. They seamlessly integrated into the BlackBerry IVY product team, and together they’ve helped deliver two memorable launch experiences for the audience at CES.”

Peter VirkVice President, IVY Product & Ecosystem at BlackBerry

BlackBerry IVY is a vehicle-first, cloud-connected software platform, that presents vehicle data in a normalised way to create insights that can be consumed by applications both on or off the vehicle.

We designed a bespoke in-car HMI using real-world vehicle trip data (recorded and supplied by support partners HERE and Electra). Located directly above the HMI was a bank of high-resolution displays. The storytelling aspect of the experience was handled via the central screen. The outer two screens showcase code snippets and dynamic data revealing what BlackBerry IVY technology was doing 'under the hood'.

To cater to varying levels of technical understanding within the audience, we opted to reveal both the live BlackBerry IVY terminal view and simplified dynamic data extracts.

To mitigate against the potential of changing lighting conditions on the show floor at CES we created a switchable dark and light HMI theme.

The BlackBerry IVY demo is monitoring real insights and data. This includes: vehicle battery health, trip mapping, facial recognition scanning, vehicle identification and payment services.

By processing this data, either locally or in the cloud, the EV Range Expert application is then able to:

  • Instruct the family when and how to optimally charge the vehicle

  • Identify who is driving and their preferred driving style

  • Predict that particular drivers expected range

  • Identify that the kids are travelling and set the in-car media appropriately

  • Facilitate toll road and parking charges safely and frictionlessly.

Giving data a face with AR

The second of the two experiences takes the form of an interactive AR application. It was created to interact with a Jaguar iPace that features on the BlackBerry stand at CES.

Vehicles are alive with thousands of signals. BlackBerry IVY unlocks their potential by normalising the data and putting it in the hands of OEM's or 3rd party developers via an SDK. Imaginative software solutions can then be created and managed via a cloud-based developer console.

The AR experience brings this development lifecycle to life through a series of imaginative use cases.

It aims to inform and inspire the development community with the art of the possible.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Active Matter. The professionalism in taking time to understand our requirements and to present them exactly as I envisaged has been fantastic.”

Tarun ShomeBlackBerry IVY - Product Management Director

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