Reducing time to order and driving repeat purchase from new customers

AluK, a global luxury aluminium window and door manufacturer, asked us to improve the onboarding experience of new customers from enquiry through to delivery, with the objective of reducing time to purchase, improving internal efficiency and driving repeat business and loyalty.

Our approach

We ran customer interviews, internal stakeholder interviews and built a map of the existing onboarding experience, whilst also documenting the complete internal processes, systems and staff that was required to make the experience happen.

Working with the leadership team, we completely re-designed the customer experience to feel highly responsive, personal and effortless. We then re-engineered the organisational structure and processes to enable the new experience, by automating due diligence checks, digitising contracts, removing bottlenecks and empowering teams to deliver results.

The outcome

The new process reduces time to onboard new customers from 10 days to 24 hours, and reduces internal touchpoints by 50%, freeing up time to surprise and delight customers with exceptional service.

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