Visualising supply chain opportunities for Royal Canin

Royal Canin asked us and a leading digital transformation consultancy, to scope and design a bespoke system for tracking and managing their pet food products globally.

Our approach

We ran a number of design thinking workshops with the Royal Canin team in Shanghai, to help us, as a group, fully understand the challenges the business was facing and the opportunities to improve the current processes.

From these workshops we built out the project's problem statement, a set of proto-personas and several user journey storyboards in order to test our initial thinking with wider business stakeholders.

The project culminated in a clickable prototype of a new multi-device system allowing for more clarity on batches, faster issue resolution, instant product location, and a highly responsive B2B2C customer experience.

The outcome

A validated prototype and an excited set of users. The product development roadmap is ongoing, with phased launch and learn released continually iterating feature improvements.

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